With these sports clothes everyone is in Vogue

2012 is the year of the classic clothing and romance. In terms of leisure and sports, this rule does not yet apply to happiness. Here we must calmly put the what is really like and what is comfortable enough. In the 80s and 90s young people had to typical leotards. We remember neon colored tops and tight leggings. This trend is thankfully long gone. Today, boys and girls also wear loose baggy pants and comfortable T-shirts. Some sports can be with such pants not run. Therefore, you should still set from time to time on a training pant. This need not be tight-fitting. A leggings it must however not be.

Optimal colors for the gym

What colors are in trend in 2012? Anything that is not too gaudy. Black, white and brown tones, you should definitely choose. Pink, yellow and neon green is not really popular in the next year. Who still wears these colors, is pretty much out. Especially not as leggings or fitted top. This should be avoided at all costs. Another No Go are leopard pants and similar patterns. Who want to look fashionable, really needs to distance itself from such pants. It just seems cheap. Ever fit such colors and patterns not to adolescents. That did not really have anything to do with fashion. Leopard pants are frumpy and make young people more older than younger. Who want to look older what he really is?

The shoes are important

Especially in the gym you should definitely put on optimal footwear. The shoes are the most important part when it comes to gymnastics outfit. For here it is not just about the look, but also that the child is able to move properly. The shoe must fit perfectly and can still be a little more expensive. Who buys his children good shoes, saves later for the orthopedist.

People who are still growing, be sure to pay attention to their posture. Also the correct walking is important. In a good shoe store to get the best possible advice. Only with good shoes, the outfit is really perfect. Thus, the physical education also makes a lot more fun.

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